ADATO 2_17 Mobility, ADATO 1_18 Circus, ADATO 2_18 Projection, ADATO 3_18 Archaeology,  ADATO 1_19 Painting, ADATO 2_19 Voyage and ADATO 1_20 Medicine appeared so far in the collection...

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OUT NOW: Architecture #1_2020 Medicine 

     The relationship between architecture and medicine is fundamental, as we design for people that first of all inhabit a body and only in a second step a home. Vitruv or LeCorbusier based their theories on the proportions on the human body, which is supposed to play the architecture.


     But in times of 3D bio- or concrete print, the disciplines share more than only the subject: Already today procedures and technologies lead us, architects as physicians, to a new form of craftsmanship, in the exercise of which we no longer work with our bare hands, but via the detour of an instrument, as we no longer see with our proper eyes, but through the gaze of the camera with which we immerse inside the patient‘s or our virtual model‘s tissue.