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Right at the start: ADATO "Architecture + Projection" will of course talk about film – about stage-managed spaces, worlds that are also – and perhaps especially – loved by architects and fellow-travellers.
The cryptic title – because we have taken as the overriding theme of this issue the dissolution of the “fourth wall”, that invisible, separating skin between actor and audience, between theatre or film and reality, as the result of artistic endeavour and technical progress.


Ever since the beginnings of the moving picture in the late nineteenth century, architecture and film have shared an analogue scenery, the set. Here, the worlds that were dreamed of were transformed parallel to the ever advancing and unstoppable progress in design and visualisation techniques. It is only natural that the introduction into architecture of this very software from film and animation has made languages merge as well – what was once seen in the cinema as science fiction is today actual, built reality, or at least 3D modelled fact.


     So the new issue will on one hand cast a glance behind thetechnics; we talk to authors such as the architect Cenk Güzelis ("The Aleph", 2016) and the film maker Jeff Desom ("Rear Window Timelapse",2012) about the formation process of their works’ content, from conceptto realisation.


Moreover, imaging processes from medicine and the military, from MRT to laser scanning, have for decades been opening up new possibilitiesof stock taking, of investigation and ultimately also of design. Here, ADATO is interested in the potentials of the moving picture, or theperspective of the machinic gaze for architectural production.


     Finally,"Architecture + Projection" addresses the necessity of a deeply thoughtoutapproach to these new capabilities of architecture imported fromancillary disciplines, combined with a political positioning.After the redesign of ADATO at the beginning of this year, inthis issue we are venturing to take the plunge into a new format alsoin content: with a first proposition "Architecture + Projection", we areopening up scope for voices from architecture and the visual and performingarts. ADATO sees itself here as a platform for the presentationand discussion of innovative works and positions.

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