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     ADATO is a print magazine for architectural positions by young professionals, designers and theorists. ADATO creates a place for speculation, research and exploration. ADATO fosters a post-disciplinary discourse, and thrives through the global scale of its editorial network. 


     adato was founded in 2002 as an international communication platform for renowned experts from the grand duchy and abroad discussing their work through reports and critical analyses.


     ADATO encourages change. In the year 2017, Studio Polenta and the new editorial board of ADATO has adapted not only the magazine’s skin but also its content: In the form of essays, interviews, reportages or Werkschau, ADATO is practicing and thinking about architecture in relation to neighbouring fields such as fine arts, film, and theatre, yet always within the socio-political context of the spheres we share. 


     ADATO is published by Point Nemo - a publishing house founded by Anna Valentiny, Chief Editor since 2017.


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ADATO Commercial Archithese Sent 201125.


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